Reincarnation exists – memories from another life

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Reincarnation exists

Reincarnation is an idea found in numerous religions, Hinduism being the most prevalent religion that talks about samsara – the cycle of lives, a circle of births, deaths and rebirths that a person has to experience in order to be released.

Today, the reincarnation isn’t only a religious idea, being considered also by scientists. The current scientific paradigm denies this kind of possibility, but many people, including the ones formed in a scientific spirit, let themselves persuaded by the large number o cases in which a person – many times a child – remembers details from a past life.

Arguments of reincarnation:

Many cases came to the attention of the people who study uncommon phenomena. Wanting to know if testimonials of those who pretend they remember a past life are authentic, there were made some meticulous checks. What persuaded them is the fact that the descriptions could be verified.

Places and persons recognized by the man that remembered them from his past life existed for real; another argument is that the man couldn’t know those persons, and their intimate details if he didn’t know them. For example, the children that remember that in past life they’ve been another person, know the personal details, habits and fears of those persons and other personal details about their families and their acquaintances.

Hypnosis seems to attest the reality of reincarnation. There are cases in which the persons under hypnosis remember all of a sudden things about other lived lives. Yet, this thing can be explained by creating false memories – under suggestion, our mind can falsify experiences.

The cases involving children that remember a past life offers fascinating details: the fact that a small child knows impossible details for that age, the fact that he remembers personal details and recognizes from pictures persons and places, the fact that he happens to know a language he didn’t heard anywhere, the fact that it happens to have abilities that he didn’t learned (for example, a little child that sewed perfectly even if he didn’t sew until then) – all this make pretty convincing proofs for a lot of people.

In some cases, the person who remembers and the person in the past life present unusual similarities: similar personality, similar look, birth signs and defects that are similar, identical diseases, even identical handwriting (a case of a child showed that him and the person that pretended to be in the past have the same handwriting). Of course there are cases invented for attracting attention, but other are extremely convincing.

There are many cases, but it depends on perspective and personal belief, because for a person these cases can represent evidences, while for another one, they can be considered as false or coincidences.
Amongst the most known cases are the one of Ruth Simmons that under hypnosis started to talk with Irish accent and to say she was Bridney Murphy from Belfast, the case of Imad Elawar that remembered that when he was 5 years old he lived in another village, recognizing his neighbors, his mistress, his uncle and talking with an acquaintance from his past life about military service, the case of Ryan, a 4 year old boy who remembered that he was an unknown actor in Hollywood, offering explicit details that he couldn’t have been known, or the case of Gus Taylor, who said when he was 18 months old that he was his own grandfather, who lived 1 year before he was born (with details from his family’s past that have been held secret).

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