New Heidelberg machines or used ones?

New Heidelberg machines or used ones?Sometimes when you are facing a new investment you are concerned about the costs and the serious financial results that they can bring.

Buying some Heidelberg machines for your business is quite a challenge, due to the fact that we are not talking about usual commercial things, but about serious heavy equipment that cost. And we mean really cost.

When buying Heidelberg machines you must at first look on the profile market to see exactly what is the price of the products. You may try to do that in both cases, either we are talking about new machines or already use ones.

It is quite important for your business the big difference that comes from the prices. It is correct, a new product would cost a lot more than an used one, but if you expect quality, that is what you will get.


A new machine or equipment for your business is connected to yous success. You do not have to spend a lot of time, or a lot of money for the printing processes. Being new you will have the guaranty of using some of the best product on the market without the care that they may have some problems.

More interesting is the fact that in the new product cases, unlike the already used one, we can really talk about the free reparations accorded during the guarantee period. The already used Heidelberg machines had lost their guarantee over the time, and you have to pay for each intervention they might require.

But talking about the used product we have as well an advantage even in their case. OK, so you don’t have to pay for the reparations of a new Heidelberg, but the initial cost may mean almost the price of an used one plus reparation. You have to understand that we are talking about serious products here. The Germans are not messing with the quality.

In this case you should realise that the only intervention that you may have regarding this issue consist in changing the pieces that are already tired once with the years passing. Even if those products had already been used, they are still functioning well, due to the fact that Heidelberg machines are built for a lifetime.


If the technical qualities are staying the same in time, well about the price we can only say that is for the best to buy such an equipment at lower prices. Because this is what happens.

An owner who sells the equipment will only want to get rid of it so that he can buy another one. The price in this case is lower that the acquisition one. You can benefit from that and you can say that it is a really good bargain to buy products at lower prices, but with the best of quality.

It is clearly more useful to buy an equipment that had already been used. But for that is important to have on your side some specialists to point you in the right direction. You need a company that can offer you a database with the used equipments and also with their owners.

A company like that is, a site where you can find all that you are searching at the best prices on the market.

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