Cases of clinical death – proof of life after death?


Cases of clinical death - proof of life after death?  Death does not forgive anyone, which is why it is one of the deepest fears of being: awareness of own mortality, the fact that there is an end is difficult. Fascination, fear, mystery – people have always tried to find out if and what exist there after death, even if is an end or transformation.

Cases of clinical death are considered by many proof that death is not the end, that there is still a continure. Numerous stories of those who came out of clinical death were subject of interest to physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists and to anyone.


Experiences of those who go through clinical death amaze by their similarity.

In general, the experience takes place in the following way: the man hears the doctors declared him dead and hears a strange sound, like a hum; feels moving and sees a dark tunnel, often lighted at the end; realize that is outside its body, which sees from up on hospital bed surrounded by doctors; first is confused and scared, but then comes a soothing calm.

Viewing loved one who died or light beings trying to guide him, often sees his whole life being carried out before it. Reaches a boundary – the transition from life to death, but then suddenly comes to life. Once reanimated, people say that they could see and hear what was happening around, what were doing and said the doctors and nurses.

Many people who go through clinical death say that it is not a frightening experience – their fear of death disappears since become convinced that there is something beyond, another life. These people, once they come to life, are trying to get better, putting great accent on love of others and the knowledge, wisely. There are cases in which the experience of death is related in bleak terms, people living fear and seeing demonic beings, not bright; But such cases are rare.


There is a pattern of clinical death experiences, some elements appearing in many cases:

• state of consciousness – the person is conscious, hears and sees from outside the body what is happening around, evidence is the fact that they may report what doctors said and done;
• autoscope – the person feels is getting out of the body, sees itself from up;
• lack of communication – the person can not communicate with prople around, although it sees them;
• difficulty even after the return to life to describe in words the whole experience;
• strange sounds – many hear unfamiliar sounds, buzzing or humming;
• the peace – after the initial confusion and fear, installes a sense of calm and tranquility; the tunnel – most often, there is a dark space, like a dark tunnel;
• the light – any light, even impersonal, or as a mysterious being, even of some bright places;
• the view of life – one sees important moments of its life taking place in front of it; meetings – one sees people it knew who died, or other entities (sometimes unknown, sometimes angels and saints, even demons).

What is the mystery behind clinical death experiences ?

Only highly skeptical would consider that person returned to life, revived after a few moments when was dead, would invent, knowingly, such stories. It is accepted that people really believe in their experiences – evidence is that change their life completely after the experience.

But the experience was real?

Most doctors offer a biological explanation: it is the electrical activity in the brain; when the brain is not oxygenated, electricity makes that for a few short minutes (1-3 minutes) to increase brain activity before stopping. Which leads to the ultimate experience of intense feelings.

And what the person sees is influenced by what they know about life after death, its fears and beliefs and experiences in life (anyone heard reports of clinical death experiences, making their experience to be made in this known pattern ).

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