The glamour of Royal London


The glamour of Royal LondonIf you want to taste a little the glamour of the lives of kings and queens, you should visit the royal attractions of the capital of the United Kingdom.

At the end of your visit, will all the transfers to Gatwick airport by taxi or to other airports will be very sad, because you will want to stay in London forever. Unfortunately, it is not possible, but you can enjoy as much as the moments spent in London.

The Buckingham Palace should be the first stop. It is the Queen’s official residence in London, which has 775 rooms. This is one of the few working palace that remain until today and has a magnificent architecture. You can admire the State Rooms of the Palace during the summer months, but in the rest of the year, you can see the famous changing of the guard.[adsenseyu1]

Another magical place in London is Hampton Court Palace, where was resident the popular King Henry VIII. In this palace stayed each of his six wives and are the places where he proposes to Jane Seymour, the wife number three. Outside the palace, you can admire the beautiful gardens, if you want to spend a special holiday in London.

Travelling in London is easy, not only transfers to Gatwick airport by taxi, but to every other place in the capital of the United Kingdom. While you are in London, you can visit Queen’s Gallery that was constructed 40 years ago. It holds the art from the Royal Collection that offers you the possibility to know more about this interesting period.

At the Royal Warrant Holders, you can shop at the same places as The Queen. The Tower of London is one of the world most famous buildings, with it’s 900-year history as a royal palace, place of execution or prison.

If you want to see some of the historic coaches and carriages from the royal collection, you have to return to Buckingham Palace, at the Royal Mews. Here you can admire the Gold State Coach that was used at the Golden Jubilee celebration in 2002.


If you want to spend a royal holiday in London, you have to visit the Kew Palace. It was the residence of George II’s and is surrounded by beautiful luxuries garden. The special royal atmosphere will introduce you in another era, one of the queens and kings.

The royal attractions in London will leave you breathless. It is a city suited to be visited at any time of the year, which has a lot to offer. Restaurants, clubs, accommodation, museums, galleries, palaces, gardens, parks, history, architecture, it has everything.

At the end of your holiday, you will find quickly transfers to Gatwick airport by taxi, at low cost. For more information about a taxi transfer in London, visit the website London is a perfect city not only for its attractions, but also for its multiple possibilities to travel and to find a good hotel to stay.

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