Why should we choose a timber frame house?

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Why should we choose a timber frame house?When we are getting mature enough and we want to have our own house, a very good idea might be building our own dream or hiring a company to build it for us. Nowadays this can be easier than we think, considering the fact that the Internet allows us to get in touch with everything we might need.

So, if we want to build a timber frame house, which in french will be maison ossature bois, the only thing that we have to do is to search on the Internet and we will find some companies that are more than willing to fulfil our dream.

Maison ossature bois is the french term for timber frame house. We have to remember those three french words, because one of the companies that can fit the best to our search is Ecokit France. On their site Ecokitfrance.com we will find everything that is necessary so that our house will be more than a dream.

Everything that is related to wood buildings will show up in front of our eyes, it will not be to hard to understand that this company offers turnkey houses for sale made entirely from wood, it also offers the opportunity to build a house on a timber frame but covered in something else, like masonry or concrete.

The reasons that make the timber frame so wanted are simple and very easy to understand by all of us. Timber is in fact processed wood who offers high durability and stability over the time. This is why it has been used for centuries to build houses and it is being used even now for the same purpose. It also gives a special and unique look to the house that is build on such a frame. An ancient look, a look that takes us back to our roots.

Another benefit is that it can be used it as combined with a lot of materials, and we say that thinking again about the looks. No matter what we combine with it, the result will be spectacular. Bricks, concrete, prefabricated materials, they all look good near the wood.

A lot of people, when it comes about wood, are afraid that this material burns easily and it is not so safe as others. This hypothesis was true until that point when the fireproof products came on the market due to the specialists intelligence.

Today we can be confident in wood the same way that we are in steel or concrete when it comes about building a stable and durable house. Of course, we can not make a comparation between those material, because each one of them is created to do something else. But, if we look closely we will realise that the wood became a trusted material, even if other of them were until now the firsts in the top of the preferences.

So don’t be afraid to consider wood when you think about building your dream house. At Ecokit France you will find the specialists that will help you make your dream come true as long as this dream involves wooden houses.

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