Top 10 games that influenced the world


Top 10 games that influenced the worldTop 10 games that influenced the world – The world of video games, gamers adore successful franchises that innovate the gaming both in terms of graphics, but also in terms of gameplay and the script.

Bringing exciting stories and game module as good a video games of the past decades have forever changed the face of gaming as we know it.

Although many games presented below are not so popular, you should know that they have made a tremendous contribution to the world of video games so appreciated today.

10 in the top 10 of video games that influenced the world is taken by Final Fantasy. The game series known worldwide, has turned the role-play turned into a fashion phenomenon implemented in the virtual world. Before the advent of these games, RPGs were not popular among professional players but introduced Final Fantasy player in a story with a beginning and an end as good, translating it on a cinematic scale trip. Hence, many RPGs have turned the market into a real story that players who just love to get into the skin of different characters can explore freely.

9 in the top 10 video games that influenced the world is taken by FIFA. Sport games series FIFA have enjoyed the entire generation of gamers from the first press of the button. Although Madden games are perhaps the most popular sport games globaly, FIFA is popular in Romania and Europe in general, putting the players at the helm of the most important teams in European circuits. Players can train, can try a campaign or two, or they can try their luck in a match against friends where the best will win.

8 in the top 10 video games that have influenced the world is taken by Pong. One of the earliest arcade games in history, Pong has captured generations and then got on PCs and consoles, in a more updated version with new options. The game fits the rules of table tennis game in which players are on both sides of the screen and must offer passes to each other, the winner being the one who escapes the ball fewer times than his opponent.

7 in the top 10 video games that influenced the world is taken by Street Fighter. One of the fighting games that made history, Street Fighter series taught many players the real means of martial arts and the breaking of the buttons on consoles in past generations. Thousands of gamepads were broken in such a street fight in the virtual environment and each player now remembers the special attacks sequence of buttons required of favorite characters. Almost all fighting games later used the same technique and the same mechanical physics, this way managing to impress market profile and ensure durability of this kind of game.

6 in the top 10 video games that influenced the world is taken by Guitar Hero series. Before this game comes to the market, the most popular interactive game was Dance Dance Revolution. It became one of the first games that require physical effort, bringing to the PlayStation players the accessories who have turned them into music stars. Most games that require a contribution of later physical activity used certain parts of graphics, mechanics and physics for this game of rhythm and rock action.

5 in the top 10 video games that influenced the world is taken by Doom series. Before Half Life, Quake or Halo, DOOM was the classy game for fans of first person shooters. When LAN games just began to enjoy the attention of connoisseurs, amultiplayer games began to enjoy their attention too. Whether you chose to try the campaign in which there are some missions that scare anyone, or kill friends and enemies in a online match, FPS players who have tried this, remembers nostalgically the story and hope that soon will be developing a new franchise. DOOM was the beginning of the whole frenzy of so beloved FPS games today.

4 in the top 10 video games that have influenced the world is taken by the series Silent Hill. With the first game of the series came the gamers hysteria for horror games stories. Before the first Silent Hill, games haven’t been really horror, but rather action games. With a dark atmosphere and strange noises throughout the entire game, Silent Hill has managed to attract hundreds of thousands of players who were later turned into millions, as spirits, zombies and creatures of the darkness of the night manage to scare anyone . The game remained one of the most successful horror franchises in history, starting popular franchises today.

3 in the top 10 video games that have influenced the world is taken by Pac Man and Donkey Cong. The two games from Nintendo forever changed the gaming face. Pac Man turned arcade gaming scene, becoming a true classic that brought to light massive omultiplayer online games, while Donkey Cong brought to life one of the first platform games that have invaded the market today, bringing a boost to the racing games or the music games.

2 in the top 10 video games that have influenced the world is taken by Tetris. The primary puzzle game, Tetris becomes ingeniously minimalist game as many products on the market today, which has become a top product in the industry. It is on every screen gadget in the world and becomes a very pleasurable way to spend time. In addition, in time, it was stylized and now looks more glamorous, is still a game that features competitive tournaments with prizes of scale.

And 1 place of video that influenced the gaming world is taken by Mario Bros. Anyone who has seen or played just once Mario adventure, mustached plumber with red shirt who seek at all costs girlfriend, Princess Peach, the miss always that’s always in trouble. Who doesn’t knows by heart the sweet melody of the first world in which is venturing Mario or shortcuts to quickly reach the last level of the game? Super Mario Bros. has created many options that have become common in today’s world of video games. Mario brought the idea of the object which makes the protagonist invincible, it gives more lives through objects and gives its special power-ups or more lives by collecting a certain number of objects. Is the side-scrolling game platform that comes mainly from the majority of these types of games.