Bayes’ theorem – the formula that decrypts the world

Bayes' theorem - the formula that decrypts the worldAlmost 300 years since it was designed and formulated by the English mathematician and theologian Thomas Bayes theorem that bears his name – Bayes’ Theorem – seems to revolutionise in the last decade,all the fields of knowledge.

Scientists – computer scientists, quantum physicists, physicians, climatologists, astrophysicists, biologists, geneticists, etc.. – are all excited about this “magic formula”, applied to any field to calculate the probability of certain events based on conditions.

Bayes, who has published only two books in his lifetime – one in theology and one math defines probability – not in the sense of calculating the frequency of an event, but as a “partial belief”, “a ratio between the value at which should be an expectation calculated depending on an event to occur, and the value of the expected thing, after it happened.

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